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Daniel Waldenström, Professor

Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and Paris School of Economics (PSE)

Affiliations: Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS), Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS), ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC).

Address: Paris School of Economics, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France.

Blog: www.ekonomistas.se

E-mail: daniel.waldenstrom@psemail.eu 



SNS Konjunkturrådsrapport 2018: Kapitalbeskattningens förutsättningar, Stockholm: SNS förlag. (med Spencer Bastani och Åsa Hansson), januari 2018.
- Ladda ned rapporten här.        - Dataunderlag till figurer (xls).


Working papers:
Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015”, Revise and resubmit Economic Journal, CEPR and IZA DP, with Olle Hammar, 2017, (VoxEU.org).
- Data: Global Earnings Inequality Database. (Updated 2017-07)

Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2010”, revise and resubmit Journal of the European Economic Association, with Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine, 2015. (VoxEU.org).

Trends and gradients in top tax elasticities: Cross-country evidence, 1900-2014”, revise and resubmit International Tax and Public Finance, CEPR and IZA DP, with Enrico Rubolino, 2017 (VoxEU.org).

Inheritance and wealth inequality: Evidence from population registers”, (Updated 2016-03) revise and resubmit Journal of Public Economics, Discussion Paper, CEPR and IZA, with Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson, 2016. (VoxEU.org)

Tax progressivity and top incomes: Evidence from tax reforms”, Discussion Paper, CEPR and IZA DP, with Enrico Rubolino, 2017, (VoxEU.org).


New publications:

Capital shares and income inequality: Evidence from the long run”, Journal of Economic History, forthcoming, CEPR and IZA DP, with Erik Bengtsson.
- Data: Historical Capital Shares Database. (Updated 2017-01)

Intergenerational wealth mobility and the role of inheritance: Evidence from multiple generations”, Economic Journal, forthcoming, with Adrian Adermon, Mikael Lindahl, (Updated 2017-03). (VoxEU.org)

Does Financial Regulation Boost Top Incomes? Evidence from the Big Bang”, Economica, forthcoming, DP CEPR and IZA, with Julia Tanndal 2016 (Updated 2017-05). (VoxEU.org)

“Inequality and the super-rich”, Journal of Income Distribution, forthcoming, 2017.

Hernando de Soto: recipient of the 2017 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research”, Small Business Economics 49(4): 721-728, 2017 (with Martin Andersson).

Wealth inequality in Sweden: What can we learn from capitalized income data?”, Review of income and Wealth, forthcoming, (with Jacob Lundberg).

Wealth-income ratios in a small, developing economy: Sweden, 1810–2014”, Journal of Economic History 77(1): 285-313, 2017. (VoxEU.org),
- Swedish National Wealth Database: Updated October 2017 (link)


Other news:

Editorial Board: From 2016, I am a member of the editorial board of the Explorations in Economic History.

Affiliation: As of July 2016, I work at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and the Paris School of Economics.

Grant: I received the Swedish Research Council’s Distinguished Young Researcher Grant (18 million SEK or approx. 2 million EUR), selected as one of 19 grants out of 744 applications (top 2.5%), 2014–2020. Read more here (in Swedish or English).