Henry Ohlsson
List of publications

Articles in international scientific journals

  1. Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2016
    Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming. 2018.
    (With J Roine and D Waldenström .)

  2. Estate division: Equal sharing, exchange motives, and Cinderella effects
    Journal of Population Economics, forthcoming. 2018.
    (With O Erixson .)

  3. Tax compliance and loss aversion
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol 7, pp 132-164. 2015.
    (With P Engström, K Nordblom, and A Persson.)

  4. Timing of death and the repeal of the Swedish inheritance tax
    Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol 45, pp 113-123. 2013.
    (With M Eliason .)

  5. Economic incentives and the timing of births: Evidence from the German parental benefit reform of 2007
    Journal of Population Economics, Vol 26, pp 87-108. 2013.
    (With M Neugart.)

  6. The impact of inheritances on heirs’ labor and capital income
    B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol 12(1), article 61. 2012.
    (With M Elinder and O Erixson.)

  7. Long term effects of public policy for displaced workers in Sweden – shipyard workers in the West and miners in the North
    International Journal of Manpower, Vol 33, pp 514-538. 2012.
    (With D Storrie.)

  8. The legacy of the Swedish gift and inheritance tax, 1884–2004
    European Review of Economic History, Vol 15, pp 539-569. 2011.
    Download tax revenue data here.

  9. Bequests, gifts, and education: Links between intergenerational transfers
    Empirical Economics, Vol 40, pp 343-358. 2011.
    (With K Nordblom.)

  10. Compensatory inter vivos gifts
    Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol 24, pp 993-1023. 2009.
    (With S Hochguertel.)

  11. Living to save taxes
    Economics Letters, Vol 100, pp 340-343. 2008.
    (With M Eliason.)

  12. Tax avoidance and intra-family transfers
    Journal of Public Economics, Vol 90, pp 1669-1680. 2006.
    (With K Nordblom.)

  13. Growth effects of government expenditure and taxation in rich countries: A comment
    European Economic Review, Vol 50, pp 211-218. 2006.
    (With J Agell and P Skogman Thoursie.)

  14. Action collective et différences compensatrices : le cas des travailleurs masculins à horaires atypiques
    Economie et Prévision, No 164-165, pp 57-79. 2004.
    (With J Lanfranchi and A Skalli.)

  15. Ownership and production costs. Choosing between public production and contracting-out in the case of Swedish refuse collection
    Fiscal Studies, Vol 24, pp 451-476. 2003.
    reprinted as Contracting out in Sweden: Ownership and production costs
    in E Dijkgraaf and RHJM Gradus, eds, The Waste Market: Institutional Developments in Europe, Springer. 2008.

  16. Who takes care of the children? The quantity-quality model revisited
    Journal of Population Economics
    , Vol 15, pp 455-461. 2002.
    (With M Lundholm.)
    reprinted in KF Zimmerman and M Vogler, eds, Family, Household and Work, Springer-Verlag,
    Heidelberg. 2003.

  17. Compensating wage differentials and shift work preferences - Evidence from France
    Economics Letters, Vol 74, pp 393-398. 2002.
    Current long version: July 2001
    (With J Lanfranchi and A Skalli.)

  18. Bequest motives: A comparison of Sweden and the United States
    Journal of Public Economics
    , Vol 79, pp 205-236. 2001.
    (With J Laitner.)

  19. Post mortem reputation, compensatory gifts and equal bequests
    Economics Letters
    , Vol 68, pp 165-171. 2000.
    (With M Lundholm.)

  20. Working time, employment, and work sharing: Evidence from Sweden
    Empirical Economics
    , Vol 25, pp 169-187. 2000.
    (With T Jacobson.)

  21. Growth and the public sector: A reply
    European Journal of Political Economy
    , Vol 15, pp 359-366. 1999.
    (With J Agell and T Lindh.)

  22. Asymmetric time series and temporal aggregation
    Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol 81, pp 341-344. 1999.
    (With K Brännäs.)

  23. What determines when undergraduates complete their theses? Evidence from two economics departments
    Economics of Education Review
    , Vol 18, pp 79-88. 1999.
    (With C Löfgren.)

  24. Wages, taxes and publicly provided day care
    Journal of Population Economics, Vol 11, pp 185-204.
    (With M Lundholm.)

  25. Self-employment and wealth inequality
    Review of Income and Wealth, Series 44, pp 25-42. 1998.
    T Lindh.)

  26. Growth and the public sector: A critical review essay
    European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 13, pp 33-52.
    (With J Agell and T Lindh.)

  27. Ownership and input prices. A comparison of public and private enterprises
    Economics Letters, Vol 53, pp 33-38. 1996.

  28. Self-employment and windfall gains: Evidence from the Swedish Lottery
    Economic Journal, Vol 106, pp 1515-1526. 1996.
    (With T Lindh.)
    reprinted in S Parker, ed, The Economics of Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. 200

  29. Political cycles and cyclical policies
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol 98, pp 203-218. 1996.
    A Vredin.)

  30. Long-run relations between private and public sector wages in Sweden
    Empirical Economics, Vol 19, pp 343-360. 1994.
    T Jacobson.)

  31. Inventory investment in Swedish manufacturing firms
    Finnish Economic Papers, Vol 6, pp 96-107.
    (With C-H Gustafson.)

  32. Lags in the effects of labour market policy - an empirical analysis of job creation measures
    Applied Economics, Vol 25, pp 343-348. 1993.

  33. Wage linkages between private and public sectors in Sweden
    Labour, Vol 6, Nr 2, pp 3-17. 1992.
    B Holmlund.)

  34. Job creation measures as activist fiscal policy - an empirical analysis of policy reaction behavior
    European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 8, pp 269-280. 1992.

  35. Political determinants of budget deficits: Coalition effects versus minority effects
    European Economic Review
    , Vol 35, pp 1597-1603. 1991.
    (With P-A Edin.)

  36. Cost-benefit rules in a regionalized disequilibrium model
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol 89, pp 165-182. 1987.

  37. Optimal policy rules and regime switching in disequilibrium models
    Journal of Public Economics, Vol 27, pp 247-254. 1985.
    (With J T Cuddington and P-O Johansson.)

Recent working papers

  1. Avoiding taxes by transfers within the family
    Working Paper No 2016:4, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2016.
    Working Paper No 436, CSEF, Department of Economics, University of Naples, 2016.
    (With E Di Porto.)

  2. Estates, bequests, and inheritances in Sweden - A look into the Belinda databases
    Working Paper No 2014:14, Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2014.
    (With M Elinder, O Erixson, and S Escobar.)

  3. Who is at the top? Wealth mobility over the life cycle
    Working Paper No 2012:1, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2012.
    Working Paper No 2012:1, Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2012.
    Working Paper No 1301, European Central Bank, 2011.
    (With S Hochguertel.)

Other papers in journals and books

  1. Collective wealth formation: Conflict and compromise in Sweden, 1950-2000
    in P Hudson and K Tribe, eds, The contradictions of capital in the twenty-first century. The Piketty opportunity, Agenda Publishing, Newcastle. 2016.
    (With Y Hasselberg.)

  2. Förmögenhet - mina pengar eller släktens?
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 43(2), pp 17-27. 2015.
    (With O Erixson.)

  3. Rör det sig i toppen? Platsbyten i förmögenhetsrangordningen
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 41(1), pp 16-21. 2013.
    (With S Hochguertel.)

  4. Mindre arbete, högre inkomster – arvingens lott
    (Less work, higher income – the heir’s lot)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 39(4), pp 70-78. 2011.
    (With M Elinder and O Erixson.)

  5. Den första nationella konferensen i nationalekonomi i Sverige
    (The first national Swedish economics conference)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 39(2), pp 67-73. 2011.
    (With F Andersson, T Aronsson, R Friberg, O Johansson-Stenman, A-S Kolm, and D Waldenström.)

  6. Tax avoidance
    in Cours et travaux du Collège de France. Annuaire 109e année, Collège de France, Paris. 2010.

  7. Long-run changes in the concentration of wealth: An overview of recent findings
    in J B Davies, ed, Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective, Oxford University Press. 2008.
    (With J Roine and D Waldenström.)
    in Chinese in Comparative Studies, Vol 33, pp 117-138. 2007.

  8. Krisstämpeln på det svenska avtalssystemet – en överdrift
    (The crisis mark on the Swedish bargaining system – an exaggeration)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 36(5), pp 15-30. 2008.
    (With P Braunerhjelm, O Djerf, and H Frisén.)

  9. Friställd eller anställd? Strukturomvandling från individens perspektiv
    (Displaced or employed? Structural change from the individual's perspective)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 34(7), pp 5-19. 2006.
    (With D Storrie.)

  10. Introduction: Self-employment and entrepreneurship
    Swedish Economic Policy Review, Vol 11(2), pp 3-13. 2004.

  11. Empirical tax policy analysis and evaluation
    in Banca d'Italia, Tax policy. Banca d'Italia, Rome. 2004.
    (With K Hort.)

  12. Köpkraft och konkurrenskraft – tredje avtalsrörelsen med Industriavtalet
    Purchasing power and competitiveness – the third bargaining round with the Industrial Agreement)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 31(8), pp 16-26. 2003.
    (With O Djerf, H Frisén, and L Hagman.)

  13. Fiscal policy in a currency union
    in Banca d'Italia, The impact of fiscal policy. Banca d'Italia, Rome. 2003.
    (With Y Lindh.)

  14. The Swedish Industrial Agreement
    in J E Dølvik and F Engelstad, eds, National regimes of collective bargaining in transformation: Nordic trends in a comparative perspective, Rapport 54, Makt- og demokratiutredningen. Unipub, Oslo, 2003.
    (Report 54, The Norwegian Power and Democracy Research Project.)

  15. Finanspolitik i en valutaunion
    (Fiscal policy in a currency union)
    in Stabiliseringspolitik i valutaunionen, Underlagsrapporter till Kommittén för stabiliseringspolitik för full sysselsättning vid ett svenskt medlemskap i valutaunionen. SOU 2002:16. 2002.
    (Stabilization policy in the currency union, reports to the official government committee on stabilization policy if Sweden becomes a member of the currency union.)

  16. Intergenerational transfers, taxes and the distribution of wealth. Editors' preface
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol 103, p 367. 2001.
    (With B Holmlund and E Steigum.)

  17. Long term developments of Swedish public finances - Can "straight jackets" reverse the trends?
    in Banca d'Italia, Fiscal sustainability.
    Banca d'Italia, Rome. 2000.
    (With Y Lindh.)

  18. Trends in Swedish public finances - Past and future
    Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review, No 4, 2000, pp 81-100. 2000.
    (With Y Lindh.)

  19. Industriavtalet - utfall och framtidsutsikter
    (The Industrial Agreement - outcome and future prospects)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 28, pp 417-430. 2000.
    (With A Carling, O Djerf, and E Kazamaki Ottersten.)

  20. EMU-medlemskapets betydelse för svensk lönebildning
    (The consequences of the EMU membership for Swedish wage formation)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 28, pp 133-142. 2000.
    (With A Carling, O Djerf, and E Kazamaki Ottersten.)

  21. Lönekostnadsutvecklingens effekter på sysselsättningen
    (The employment effects of wage cost changes)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 26, pp 505-513. 1998.
    (With A Carling, O Djerf, and E Kazamaki Ottersten.)

  22. Comment on Hans-Werner Sinn: European integration and the future of the welfare state
    Swedish Economic Policy Review, Vol 5, pp 133-136. 1998.

  23. Nya förutsättningar för lönebildningen
    (New conditions for the wage formation)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 26, pp 107-115. 1998.
    (With A Carling, O Djerf, and E Kazamaki Ottersten.)

  24. Egenföretagande och manna från himlen
    (Self-employment and manna from heaven)
    Rapport till Expertgruppen för studier i offentlig ekonomi, Finansdepartementet. Ds 1997:71.
    (Report to the expert group for studies in public economics, The Swedish Ministry of Finance.)
    (With T Lindh.)

  25. Reformerad beskattning av hushållstjänster
    (Reformed taxation of household services.)
    in Skatter, tjänster och sysselsättning, bilagor tillbetänkande av Tjänstebeskattningsutredningen. SOU 1997:17. 1997.
    (Taxes, services, and employment, enclosures to the report of the official government committee on taxation of household services)

  26. Job creation programmes as stabilization policy measures
    in J Johannesson and E Wadensjö, eds, Labour market policy at the crossroads. EFA, Stockholm. 1995.

  27. Finanspolitik, konjunkturer och ekonomisk integration
    (Fiscal policy, business cycles, and economic integration)
    Bilaga 9 till Långtidsutredningen 1995. Fritzes, Stockholm. 1994.
    (Enclosure 9 to the Long term report of the Swedish Ministry of Finance.)
    (With A Vredin.)

  28. Tillväxt och offentlig sektor
    (Growth and the public sector)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 22, pp 373-385. 1994.
    (With J Agell and T Lindh.)

  29. Sysselsättningsskapande åtgärder som stabiliseringspolitiskt medel
    (Job creation programs as stabilization policy measure)
    in Politik mot arbetslöshet, betänkande av expertgruppen för arbetsmarknadspolitiska utvärderingsstudier. SOU 1993:43. 1993.
    (Policy against unemployment, official government report.)

  30. Systematik och autonomi i finanspolitiken
    (Systematics and autonomy in the fiscal policy)
    in K-G Löfgren and L-E Öller, eds, Konjunkturprognoser & konjunkturpolitik - Ekonomiska Rådets Årsbok 1992. 1993.
    (Business cycle forecasts & business cycle policy.)
    (With N Frank and A Vredin.)

  31. Svensk finanspolitik 1970-1990: Instrument, institutioner och indikatorer
    (Swedish fiscal policy 1970-1990: Instruments, institutions, and indicators)
    in Konjunkturläget, Maj 1992. Allmänna Förlaget, Stockholm. 1992.
    (The economic activity level May 1992.)
    (With A Vredin.)

  32. Book review. Heinz König, ed, 1990, Economics of wage determination, Springer-Verlag, Berlin
    European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 7, pp 423-424.

  33. Varför har vi inga miljöavgifter?
    (Why don't we have environmental charges?)
    in B Gustafsson, ed, Människa, miljö och samhälle. Uppsala. 1991.
    (Man, environment, and society.)

  34. Har den svenska budgetpolitiken varit kontracyklisk?
    Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift, Vol 44, pp 165-176. 1991.

  35. Malmfälten i brytningstid
    (The mining district in transition)
    Ekonomisk Debatt, Vol 14, pp 472-480. 1986.
    (With L Engström.)

Old working papers

  1. Tax avoidance - a natural experiment
    Working Paper No 2007:13, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2007.

  2. The equal division puzzle - empirical evidence on intergenerational transfers in Sweden
    Working Paper No 2007:10, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, 2007.

  3. Negative externalities in day care: Optimal tax policy response
    Current version: August 2007.
    (With M Lundholm.)

  4. Sweden in the LWS
    Current version: January 2007.
    (With L Berg.)

  5. Intergenerational transfers – accounting, prediction, and motives
    Current version: May 2005.

  6. Equality of opportunity and inheritance: A comparison of Sweden and the U.S.
    Current version: June 1997.
    (With J Laitner.)

  7. Labor market policy, unemployment, and wages: A VAR-model for Sweden 1969-1990
    Current version: May 1995.

PhD thesis

  1. Cost-benefit analysis of labor market programs, second edition
    Umeå Economic Studies No 182. 1988.

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