Henry Ohlsson

Henry OhlssonHenry Ohlsson

Professor of Economics, Uppsala University (on leave)

Former Deputy Governor, Sveriges Riksbank

Phone: +46 (0)70 30 32 76
E-mail: henry dot ohlsson at nek dot uu dot se

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Recent articles

  1. Giving to the children or the taxman?: Lessons from a Swedish inheritance tax loophole
    European Economic Review, 104382. 2023.
    joint work with Sebastian Escobar and Håkan Selin

  2. Avoiding taxes by transfers within the family
    International Tax and Public Finance, Vol 28, pp 1-23. 2021.
    joint work with Edoardo di Porto and Enrica Maria Martino

  3. Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2016
    Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol 18, pp 1123-1157. 2020.
    joint work with Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström

  4. Estate division: Equal sharing, exchange motives, and Cinderella effects
    Journal of Population Economics, Vol 32, pp 1437-1480. 2019.
    joint work with Oscar Erixson

Monetary policy speaches

  1. Monetary policy and inflation in times of war. 2022.

  2. Hidden wealth. 2021.

  3. Monetary policy during the economic crisis. 2020.

  4. Underlying inflation -- for better or for worse. 2019.

  5. Data, correlations and economic policy challenges. 2018.

  6. The distributional effects of monetary policy. 2017.

  7. Decisions today, consequences far into the future. 2016.

  8. The inflation target -- a benchmark for price-setting and wage formation. 2015.

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